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Global access to startup trade

With iceini, entrepreneurs can easily gain access to the best and greatest manufacturers in our portfolio. Starting today, our suppliers and buyers are accessible.

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Entrepreneurs around the world can have access to the tools and services for business success. Iceini is here to help shed light on how to build your base and flourish. If you do your job well bringing buyer and seller together, boom! Earnings will flow nicely.


Get to the bottom of our resources page to familiarise yourself with product categories we trade in. The best suppliers/ buyers want to hear from you. What are you waiting for?

Physical Products

As a new startup, we are constantly working with manufacturers to present the best products for the 21st century. Here is our up-to-date list of products.

Digital Products

We publish the best social media eBooks to make little commission from the proceeds of your purchase. Equip yourself with our A-Z list of eBooks to up your game and begin to rub shoulders with top notch social media influencers.  Find useful tools to build your online empire starting today!


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1. How To Make The Internet Work For You

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2. Affiliate Marketing At Your Fingertips

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Affiliate marketing at your fingertips
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If you have questions about our eBooks or need help with an order, please contact us here. In order to ensure you receive the assistance you need as quickly as possible, please indicate the eBook you’re making enquiries about: