Through research and networking, we have developed a quality management system and project management methodology for identifying future trends. We work with packaging engineers, independent contractors, consultants, outsourcing, exchanges, international marketing and sales.

Our Income Portfolio contain products that will rise through the next few years. We offer them as verification and validation to your wealth creation journey.

INSTANT INCOME (Minimum 11% profit for re-sellers)

Buy your preferred physical product(s) and get customary 25% profit as distributor. Scoop up our best supplier deals and make extra income on the go

(Up to 5 physical products in our instant income portfolio)


COMPOUND INCOME (No matter what happens in the market, investment will be leveraged)

GLEE investment begins to see benefits of becoming a distributor by Q4 2017 with core cloud computing solutions, it will peak in 2020…… Growth continues→ 2030

(13 years investment recommended)


HIGH YIELD INCOME (The Internet of Everything)

ICEINI TRADE provides the guts of independent commodity trade leads, platform building and connection to the internet worldwide. ICEINI will rise through Q3 2017. Growth remains strong and possibly peak in Q1 2019. On the long term, our trade platform profits will exceed 1000%

(Can’t go wrong using smart city technology)


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