About Iceini

Good day!

This is Adegbola Adeyemo founder at Iceini LTD. London, UK

We are professional reliable global agent doing business across Europe and rest of the world.

Now, our network is growing from Africa to Australia, China, Europe, India, and UAE


Our main business is engineered to provide:

  • Strategy Architecture Naming and Design (SAND) for new and established brands
  • International procurement of commodities (ALUMINIUM INGOTS, BRENT, CRUDE, COPPER CATHODES, DIAMOND, GOLD, HMS1&2, ICUMSA 45 & MANY MORE!)
  • International Trading Service
  • International marketing of goods (BEER, COFFEE, ENERGY BARS, WATER, WINE)
  • Export/ Import lead generation
  • International paper work
  • Local sales (City of London)

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