Have I Got News For You? [Yeah! Spreading it with a tintinnabulation]

Authors Know

The awkward feeling you get at a certain point when you just don’t know what to write anymore, and you keep looking for inspiration which keeps the creative juices flowing nicely.

What to do?

Grab it by the mobile.
Opened the WordPress app already on my iPhone to a happy sighting of 3 platforms I’ve been working on since start up early 2016.
3 of 5 sites under construction


Positioned my fingers on the middle site to access Blog Posts. Up until now, there have been a total of 43 publications on iceini.eu and this one you’re reading right here is the 44th blog post. In addition, realising a screenshot of the WordPress app you see in the image displayed above was taken precisely 11.44AM shows there’s something about 44 we just can’t hide. Really? Yeah! When you notice this type of coincidence, pound the alarm. Immediately, writer goes in auto pilot with right thumb tapping alphabets on mobile phone keyboard with the assurance he will be back to polish and put finishing touches on the grammatical expressions to appease all grammar police and make the paragraphs look fancy.

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” … Albert Einstein

Tune in

Right now, a thought hits like a lightning bolt. The voice said, “Carry on writing and see where this newly discovered track leads you.” OK, let’s take a look at the title again shall we?  Here we are announcing this 44th blog post: Have I Got News For You? [Yeah! Spreading it with a tintinnabulation]
Ding-a Ding-a Ding…The bell rings signalling a pivotal moment in time. Together, let’s demystify this valuable insight.
Barack Obama, 44th POTUS
Oh my goodness! Why should anyone pay attention to the ringing of the bell? Well, let’s get to the root of what my teacher calls “Ring of Destiny.”

The teacher’s secret

The place of life selection has been characterised as the Ring of Destiny, where we first behold our next body in the screening room of future lives. From this standpoint, souls can look up, straight ahead or down at the screens that are shown to them. Futuristic scenes of events and people the soul will encounter in the life to come. Each screen can reflect scenes of childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age of the body they are reviewing. The whole structure is designed to give the individual an ability either to observe or participate in the action. When shown a snippet, the preference to enter a scene or just observe is always left up to the individual soul.
I cannot stress too much what my students feel when they view the life selection room. This insight has been shared in a previous blogpost. You can read all about it here. The key viewing years of a new life seem to be between eight and twenty, when the first major forks in life begin to emerge. Some people are shown certain years in great details while other parts of their future life are completely left out. This is a deliberate technique by the timemasters, who are coordinators engaged with past, present and future timelines of people and events. Timemasters are the highly adroit experts,  members of an entire fellowship of planners that include guides, Archivists and council Elders, who are involved with designing our future.
Although time has little relevance outside our physical universe, we see ourselves and everything around us aging each day. We live in a planet around a star, which is also constantly aging in chronological time. The cycle of life involves movement of time and the timelines of our dimensional reality appear to be influenced by advanced beings who allow traveller souls to study the past and see into the future. Traveller souls are often referred to as those who are reincarnating or the souls in purgatory.
I will share a brief story from my best and greatest student who recalled her earlier life with classmates schooling in Nigeria but first let me delve into parallel universe. A hypothetical assumption exists that planets such as Earth can be duplicated within the same time frames and exist simultaneously as moving particle waves of light energy. Universes might be parallel, superimposed co-existing realities within the same dimension, or something else inconceivable. Regardless of the spatial layout, time and events are tracked, stopped, and moved forward and backward by examiners of Earth. The major trunk lines, which my architect calls the base lines, are the probabilities of future events in certain bodies presented as possibilities for our examination in the Ring. Events which have not yet taken place in the grand scheme of things are known by Timemasters and others for their greater or lesser potential of happening.
We examine the alternate bodies offered to us that will exist within events. These bodies will be born into roughly the same time frames. Watching the most probable series of events linked to those bodies under consideration is like previewing advance promotional scenes from a movie. A movie trailer shows you a snippet of what is to come. Some souls feel they are playing a chess game where they don’t yet know all the possible moves available for a desired ending. The soul knows that one chess move, one minute change in the game they are watching could alter the outcome. I find it intriguing that most of the time souls are not shown any in-depth probable future outcomes. They know there are many other possible moves on the chessboard of life which can change at any moment of play. Frankly, this is what makes the game interesting for most souls.


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The screening rooms are helpful to those souls with reservations about accepting a covenant for the next life. For many, observing certain aspects of their future gives them confidence. Nevertheless, some apprehensive souls may refuse to enter the screens to directly sample bodies for fear they might lose their nerve in accepting a difficult life contract. The more intrepid souls feel the screening room is designed to foster just the opposite reaction because you are allowed to test the waters before jumping in.


Here’s a poignant example of a 21st century scholar, my student, an individual of many parts – a poet, an athlete, a baller, a dramatist, a physician, an astronomer, and of course a grammarian. One day at class, I asked my students to write down the words, ‘Walking about in sleep.’ They obliged except one who wrote the word ‘Somnambulism’. I singled her out and warned her about the use of big words. ‘Do you understand?’ She said, ‘yes sir!’
The next day at class, I called her up to write down the words, ‘Double mindedness and forgetfulness’. Instead of writing the simple words, Double mindedness and forgetfulness, she wrote ‘Duplicity and oblivion’. I warned her again about the use of big words. ‘Do you understand?’ She said, ‘yes sir!’ but paid no heed.
On the third day, I called her up again to write the words, ‘Time and ringing of the bell’. Instead of writing the words Time and ringing of the bell, she wrote, ‘Epoch and tintinnabulation’. At this moment, I grew furious with anger, took hold of her to open disciplinary proceedings against her before I suddenly came to the realisation she’s actually my best and greatest student. ‘Reports of what goes on in this school has not been brought to your attention?’ She asked. ‘The affirmations of what my fellow students see boggle the mind.’ She continued.

Something else under discussion out of the Ring

As a student, I get brief flashes of scenes where I am participating in future event, such as being on a starship. I see entire school under homophobic siege but I usually don’t push for more information here. Moreover, these flashes are about choices we make in the life selection room. I find that my gay and lesbian friends have started the process of alternating gender choices in their lives. Since a predisposition to being a gay or lesbian person is essentially biological and not the result of social learning or environment, these bodies are picked by souls for two basic reasons. Firstly, many souls choose bodies of one particular gender around 75 percent of the time because they are comfortable being male or female. Choosing to be a gay male or lesbian female is one means of affecting that transition in a particular life. Thus, their current sex may not be as familiar to them as the body of the opposite sex, such as gay male feeling as if he is actually in the body of a female.
The second and far more important factor is souls choosing a gay or lesbian orientation in advance of the life they are now living because they deliberately chose to exist in a society that would be prejudiced against them. My gay and lesbian classmates are usually not shy, inexperienced souls. If they go public, this means these people have decided to live a life where they will be swimming upstream in a culture with rigid gender role stereotypes. They must try and rise above public abuse in order to find self-esteem and self-identity. This takes daring and resolve, which I see everyday when I talk to people who have already made their decision.