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The Art of Being A Distributor (Learning the Basics)

Far from being an organised person, high roller, or pitch maker who acts professionally with ritual observance to a long list of field ethics do’s and don’ts, effective distributors know how to get their products placed at spots they were originally designed for. Continue reading

Gotham Reexamined


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Four years after the shaping of a movie cover whose colour is described as being in retrograde, here’s The Dark Knight Rises from one screenwriter’s perspective which carries a poignant message for all of us:

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The Things I Want From My Guardian Angel


Written by guest blogger: Titilayo Aloba, mamapreneur, high flyer

– Freelance writer, contributor, inspirational & motivational

The Things I Want From My Guardian Angel

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How to brand (for foodies, fashion, fitness, music bloggers & many more!)

It’s wordless Wednesday here at Iceini. More image, less talk!

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Cool things running with emojis (that’s it for now!)

The King of marketing is here and everyone seems to be fast asleep!

It’s just about to get heated up with a new marketing trend. Thought about emojis a couple of weeks ago but I shunned the possibility of the idea becoming a front runner for communicating brand messages. Continue reading

The things any startup could be doing to get Fortune 500 customers — TechCrunch

New-market disruption is a rare phenomenon and usually comes in waves in conjunction with some form of dramatic technological advance. Many disruptive companies (both new and existing) created new markets in periods following the introduction of PCs (Apple, Microsoft), mobile phones (Apple, Samsung) and cloud computing (Facebook, Airbnb). And this is what we are seeing…

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Bundle of 300 Professional Lightroom Presets!

If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend on post processing and get amazing results with your photos, Lightroom presets can be the _Modified