The innermost nature of the world (for music lovers)

Músìc matters

In spite of its widespread diffusion, music remains an enigma. Music for those who love it is so important that to be deprived of it would constitute a cruel and unusual punishment. Any day which passes without being seriously involved with music in one way or another is a day wasted.
Here’s what an author has put to-get-her in appreciation of the musical creator who makes music through understanding  sequence of dissonance in harmonic progression. And most importantly, human evolution’s use of rhythm and melody for the purposes of speaking in choral singing. Continue reading
steps to success

8 Steps to Success (for startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers & many more!)

This post should have been delivered few days ago but something remarkable happened with the supply of creative juice – popularly referred to as ‘writer’s block’. The steps could have ended in 7… except for the writer’s instinct who found the inner strength, and eventually recognized a spotlight leading to 8th step. Continue reading

You are one click away from discovering Project X

London kisses Glee raw energy bars

Get the conversation started with high rollers and set up goals for tomorrow.


***Iceini reminds us to eat less, move more, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, don’t eat too much junk food, and enjoy what you eat.***

physical digital distribution basics

The Art of Being A Distributor (Learning the Basics)

Far from being an organised person, high roller, or pitch maker who acts professionally with ritual observance to a long list of field ethics do’s and don’ts, effective distributors know how to get their products placed at spots they were originally designed for. Continue reading

Gotham Reexamined


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Four years after the shaping of a movie cover whose colour is described as being in retrograde, here’s The Dark Knight Rises from one screenwriter’s perspective which carries a poignant message for all of us:

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The Things I Want From My Guardian Angel


Written by guest blogger: Titilayo Aloba, mamapreneur, high flyer

– Freelance writer, contributor, inspirational & motivational

The Things I Want From My Guardian Angel

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How to brand (for foodies, fashion, fitness, music bloggers & many more!)

It’s wordless Wednesday here at Iceini. More image, less talk!

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